Steelrising: All Oil Burette Upgrade Locations

One of the difficulties of Steelrising is that you can’t heal yourself as you want. Indeed, you have to go through the burette for that.

Don’t expect it to fill up over time or to find new charges by killing enemies. To recharge your Burette and thus be able to heal yourself, you will have to pass by a Vestal and rest there.

How to upgrade Oil Burette in Steelrising?

You will notice that at the beginning, the number of charges of your Burette is quite limited and that on top of that, these charges do not give back much HP when you use them. This is quite normal since this Oil Burette can be upgraded in two different ways.

Lavoisier Catalyst: Increases the number of charges in the Oil Burette.
Lavoisier Sublimator: Increases the amount of HP returned per charge.

Discover all Oil Burette Locations to unlock the Professional Care trophy:

Lavoisier Catalyst and Sublimator locations – Steelrising

Lavoisier Catalyst #1

Region: Saint-Cloud – Location: In the Forest area Behind a well

Lavoisier Sublimator #1

Region: Les Invalides – Location: To your left as soon as you enter the Factory Port area.

Lavoisier Catalyst #2

Region: The Tuileries – Location: From the 3rd vestal (where Mirabeau’s house is) go back down the stairs.

Lavoisier Sublimator #2

Region: La Cité – Location: On the broken bridge just after the vestal where you pick the ring up during the story-related cutscene.

Lavoisier Catalyst #3

Region: Luxembourg – Location: Starting from the Place de la Comedie (you will go past this place during the story)

Lavoisier Sublimator #3

Region: Montmartre – Location: In the high-vein area underground (you will come here during the story)

Lavoisier Catalyst #4

Region: The Bastille – Location: On the bastille ramparts next to a cannon.

Lavoisier Sublimator #4

Region: Versailles – Location: After the vestal in “Allée royale” you will go through a forest. In this forest, you will eventually come to a round area with a lot of water spouts and golden statues. The chest containing the Sublimator can be found here.

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