FIFA 23 – All New Skill Moves – Tutorial

With each new release, FIFA delights fans of the game of football and soccer simulation. Available on September 30, 2022, on PC and consoles, FIFA 23.

In addition to the augmented reality replays and detailed graphics, this version introduces the player to new sensations. The movements captured in HyperMotion2 (only on PS5 and Xbox Series X) and the many features (new skill moves, new high-risk, high-reward shooting mechanic, redesigned management of free-kicks,┬ácorners, and penalties…) make each second of the match or management intensely alive.

All New Skills In Fifa 23 – Tutorial

1. Stutter Feint – 3 stars

Hold LT/L2 + Flick RS: left then right

2. Heel to Ball roll – 4 stars

Hold L1/LB + Flick RS: Forward than Back

3. Heel Fake – 5 stars

While standing: Hold L2/LT + Flick RS: Left then Right

4. New Fake Shots – 5 stars

Hold L1/LB + Fake Shot + Flick LS: Left or Right

5. Super Flicks – 1 star

Hold R3/RS + LS in any direction

6. Skilled Bridge – 4 stars

Hold L2/LT + Flick RS: Forward Then Back

7. First Time Feint Turn – 1 star

As First Touch: Hold L1/LB + R1/RB + Flick LS: Back

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