How to Fix Error 2618 in Tower of Fantasy?

Players of Tower of Fantasy may encounter the error message 2618 when trying to connect to the game. Find out how to fix this bug.

Tower Of Fantasy is the first game created by Hotta Studio, which takes place in a colorful open world similar to Genshin Impact’s successful title. Indeed, this game too combines missions based on exploration and quests for items with dynamic and fast-paced battles.

Tower of Fantasy is an online game and sometimes some players encounter problems when they try to connect or directly when they are in a game.

When this happens, an error message appears on the screen and among all the known bugs, there is one that says: “Error 2618” and some people wonder if there is a solution. If this is your case, it is not possible to fix it since it is a problem with the Tower of Fantasy servers.

How to fix – Account (Character) error: 2618 – in Tower of Fantasy?

When you try to connect to Tower of Fantasy, you may get “Account (Character) error: 2618” on your screen. To solve it, there is currently no solution because this bug is due to an overload of the servers, which makes it impossible to connect to the server on which you want to play.

All you can do is wait quietly for a spot to become available. Note that you can also try to play on a server with a less dense population and as a reminder, each of them has a small colored circle that indicates its status with :

  • Red circle: Queue or server full
  • Yellow/orange circle: Server almost full, risk of waiting
  • Green circle: Smooth, it is quite easy to connect

Of course, it is also possible that the servers are under maintenance, which causes an inability to connect to the game. When maintenance is in progress on a server, a gray circle is displayed, but you can also go to the official discord of the game or on Twitter to know if maintenance would not in progress.

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