All Metal Detector & Buried Stashes Locations – GTA Online

A new random event and a new daily collectible are now available in GTA Online. The random event consists in finding and collecting a metal Detector placed in one of ten possible locations around the shores of Los Santos.

The player can also interact with a skeleton nearby to view a treasure map of Cayo Perico.

As soon as the blue dot appears on the map, reach the location and interact with the metal detector first and the skeleton after.

Following are the 10 possible locations in which the Skeleton and Metal Detector can be found.

Where to find all Metal Detector [Locations] – GTA Online

Metal Detector 1

Location: Chumash (Los Santos)

Metal Detector 2

Location: Vespucci Beach (Los Santos)

Metal Detector 3

Location: La Puerta (Los Santos)

Metal Detector 4

Location: LSIA (Los Santos)

Metal Detector 5

Location: Elysian Island (Los Santos)

Metal Detector 6

Location: Banning (Los Santos)

Metal Detector 7

Location: Cypress Flats (Los Santos)

Metal Detector 8

Location: El Burro Heights (Los Santos)

Metal Detector 9

Location: Palomino Highlands (Los Santos)

Metal Detector 10

Location: Palomino Highlands (Los Santos)

Where to find all Buried Stashes [Locations] – GTA Online

After collecting the Metal Detector the player will be able to collect two daily Buried Stashes in Cayo Perico. The general location of the stashes will be marked on the map. Once inside the area, equip the Metal Detector by holding L2/LT or the left mouse button on the PC. The lights in the device will increase as you get closer to a Buried Stash.

Following are all the 20 possible locations in which the Buried Stashes can be found and dug up.

Buried Stash 1

Buried Stash 2

Buried Stash 3

Buried Stash 4

Buried Stash 5

Buried Stash 6

Buried Stash 7

Buried Stash 8

Buried Stash 9

Buried Stash 10

Buried Stash 11

Buried Stash 12

Buried Stash 13

Buried Stash 14

Buried Stash 15

Buried Stash 16

Buried Stash 17

Buried Stash 18

Buried Stash 19

Buried Stash 20

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