Tower Of Fantasy – Interactive Map

Initially scheduled for this fall, “Tower of Fantasy” will finally be released on August 11th! This is great news for the 3 million players who have already pre-registered and are eagerly awaiting the release!

Tonight, “Tower of Fantasy” will be released on PC and mobiles. If the game is really based on Genshin Impact, it will be free! Only some options should be paid. Besides, we advise you to play it on your computer and not on your mobile. This kind of open-world RPG requires a lot of resources to run.

“Tower of Fantasy” is available for pre-download as of yesterday, but you can also pre-register via the official website, Steam, the Epic Game Store, the App Store and Google Play. As a reminder, “Tower of Fantasy” takes place several hundred years after our time. Humanity has escaped the environmental catastrophe that struck the Earth and has taken refuge on the distant planet Aida.

Tower Of Fantasy – Interactive Map

If you want to find a specific element of the game like resources to collect or bosses, there is an interactive map created by Tower of Fantasy Map which is available in the link below.

>>> Tower of Fantasy interactive map <<<

Like all interactive maps, you will be able to search for what you are interested in by typing its name in the search bar on the left or by simply clicking on the item you wish to display.

See you on August 11, to enjoy Tower of Fantasy and see what the world of MMORPG offers us. Remember that no console release is currently scheduled.

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