How to get FIFA 23 closed beta codes: Early Access

FIFA 23 will be officially released on September 30th on different platforms. But if you don’t want to wait until September 30 to play, here’s how to play FIFA 23 early!

To have access to FIFA 23 beta:

  • You are a verified FUT Champions player
  • Sign up for EA emails

How to sign up for EA emails?

  1. Go to the EA website and visit your EA Account Email Preferences.
  2. Check the box to opt-in for emails about EA services and their news emails.
  3. Click the “Update” button.
  4. Wait to see if you have been granted access.
  5. If you receive one, load up the code onto your Xbox or PlayStation console.

The access to the beta is given proportionally to the number of players per country and to try to cover a maximum of different player profiles (from the casual player to pro player). This should allow us to have a maximum of feedback on the game before its release. But, of course, these tests are linked to a confidentiality contract so, in the end, it remains discreet even if more and more information is leaked.

When does the FIFA 23 beta start?

The beta usually starts around mid-August. It seems that it will start on 11/08 for FIFA 23.

Can you transfer FIFA 23 beta codes?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer a FIFA 23 beta code from one account to another.

How to play FIFA 23 in advance?

  • By subscribing to the EA Play offer (EA Access), you will be able to play the full game 3 days in advance. The previous years it was limited to 10 hours of play but this year, we don’t have the information yet. So you will be able to play FIFA 23 from September 27th.
  • If you don’t want to wait until September 30 to play FIFA 23, you also have the option to opt for the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition. With this one, you will also be able to play early from September 27 and you will be entitled to some bonus content as well.

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