ULP Extraction – GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises

Welcome to the step-by-step guide to the third mission in the new DLC – GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises.

To complete the ULP Counter Intelligence mission, please follow the steps in our guide, including where to find the agenthow to save the agent, and how to escape with the agent.

Visit the IAA headquarters U to continue operation Paper Trail for Agent ULP.

Where to find the agent?

Search for any clues in Agent Johnson’s garage, which might lead to her whereabouts.

Follow the mission marker to head to the agent Johnson’s garage. Once inside, you must search for clues. Walk around the garage, and check the green boxes, files, and laptops. Once you’ve searched them all, you’ll get a call to break into the agent’s car in the center of the room, which will mark your map with the three mission locations.

Agent Johnson’s recent GPS locations are shown on your radar, search these locations to try to find her.

As of now, Agent Johnson’s recovery is considered a priority sub-task in this operation. You will find it north of Sandy Shores, south of the Lake. The agent we are looking for is right in front of the ruined building in the center of the target area.

How to save the agent?

Once you get a notification that you have found Agent Johnson, stand next to him and he will run into your car. Police and gang members should be occupied with each other, so take this opportunity to get away quickly.

How to escape with the agent?

Take Agent Johnson to the IAA Headquarters

You simply have to drive your car fast following the mission marker.

Take Agent Johnson to the Hospital

Once you get close via the highway on your way to the hospital, you will be asked to lose the cops: All you have to do is lose the police as you usually do.

Follow the mission marker to the Pillbox Hill Medical Center to complete the mission.

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