ULP Counter Intelligence – GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises

Welcome to the step-by-step guide to the second mission in the new DLC – GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises.

To complete the ULP Counter Intelligence mission, please follow the steps in our guide, including how to hack the droneshow to diffuse the bomb, and how to lose the cops in the final chase.

Visit the IAA headquarters U to continue operation Paper Trail for Agent ULP.

Hack the drones using the SecuroServ hacking app to locate the base of operations

To complete this first task, you must hack the two drones marked on the map.

How to hack the drones?

Once you are near the first drone, you will be invited to hack it.

Start the hack and stay within range while the hack is in progress, and you will be done. Repeat the process for the second drone to continue the mission.

Next, you need to go to the Motel to hack a computer: follow the mission marker to get there, climb up the blue staircase, and enter the room on the second floor. Once inside, you will see the computer you need to hack.

You will be locked inside and the room will fill with gas. You will wake up inside a van surrounded by police officers.

Aim the beam to collect the packets and avoid the Firewalls

When you wake up, you’ll see a bomb to your left that must be defused before you can escape.

How to defuse the bomb?

To defuse the bomb, you must direct the laser while avoiding the red balls and eliminating all the blue balls. Once you have destroyed all the blue balls, the bomb will be defused and you will be out of danger…

How to lose the cops?

Now, you need to escape the cops and deliver the van to the drop-off. Get in the driver’s seat and head to the location indicated on your map.

The police will chase you, try to stay in front of them, and once they ask you to lose the police, get off the road and hide in the desert. Then drive to the designated area and collect your $40,000!

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