ULP Intelligence – GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises

Welcome to the step-by-step guide to the first mission in the new DLC – GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises.

During the first mission of the DLC, you have to help the secret service uncover a criminal conspiracy around oil prices. To complete the ULP Intelligence mission, please follow the steps in our guide, including where to find all the FIB materials, where to find the fuse boxes, and more.

To receive your first mission, you must launch GTA Online and pick up the ULP Agent call.

Visit the IAA headquarters U to begin Operation Paper Trail for Agent ULP

Enter U to access the currently active ULP mission

After a cinematic, you must follow the mission marker to get to the apartment.

You need to enter the house to hack a computer:

  • Enter the house through the front door.
  • Go up to the 2nd floor
  • Enter the bedroom on your right.
  • Press E to hack Mason Duggan’s computer.

The FIB making a deal with the Duggans for four pieces of hardware.

  • Recover two from the FIB HQ
  • Recover two from the FIB depot

Where is the hardware in the FIB HQ?

Maintenance outfits can be used to access the FIB HQ without raising suspicion. However, the FIB will be alerted if they see you holding a weapon.

Follow the mission marker to pick up a construction worker disguise. It will be indicated on your map as you get closer, so interact with the blue mini-van at the construction site to equip yourself!

Enter the FIB office, marked by “A” on the map, and don’t forget to keep your weapons concealed to avoid alerting the FIB.

Your maintenance outfit grants you access to some parts of the FIB HQ, but you will alert the FIB if spotted outside the construction area or with a weapon equipped.

Once inside, equip your silenced weapon and eliminate all guards. after you need to search the FIB sites for the hardware.

The first one is in the open offices to the left of the elevator you arrive in. Go to the end of the room. Inside, on the table, you will find the first piece of hardware, inside a case.

The second piece of hardware is on the other side of the floor, to the right of the elevator you arrived in, you will find it in a box on the floor.

Where is the hardware in the FIB depot?

Go to the FIB depot, marked by “B” on the map.

Disable the security system by finding and destroying the fuse boxes on the exterior of the FIB depot before entering.

To find the first one, start at the entrance and walk around the right side of the building, you will find the first fuse box attached to the outside wall of the building.

The second box is on top of the door, you just have to destroy it using your weapon.

After destroying the two fuse boxes, enter the depot to find the two pieces of hardware using your flashlight!

To complete this mission, go outside and follow the mission marker to your final destination at the docks. Once you get there, you’ll earn $40,000!

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