How To Get Gacha Machine in Dinkum?

In Dinkum, you become the owner of a mansion on a mysterious island, which strongly resembles the Australian outback. So, build your farm, raise different animals and also grow crops. Note that you can collect not only average cows but also the most amazing creatures on your farm. After all, this is a very unusual farm!

In Dinkum, you have a lot of items to unlock and find in the game and you will also have a Gacha machine that can randomly make a better version of your current item.

How to Get Gacha Machine in Dinkum?

  • You need to have Commercial License.
  • Interact with Franklyn and ask him to build the Gacha Machine.
  • Gacha Machine recipe:
    • 5x Old Gear
    • 1x Old Toy
    • 2x Iron Bar
    • 1x Glass Bulb
    • 1x Button Board
  • Pay the additional cost of the craft which is 70,000 Dinks.
  • Wait for one day to get Gacha Machine.

How to use Gacha machinein Dinkum?

To use the Gacha machine, you need to place 5,000 Dinks in it and wait almost the entire day before you can collect the reward.

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