How To Get A Stone Grinder In Dinkum

Dinkum is a life simulation that can be played in solo or online multiplayer mode, in which you can create your own village.

In addition to masterfully managing your own small island town, alone or with friends, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the length and breadth of your town. Drawing inspiration from the Australian ecosystem, the world of Dinkum takes you on an exploration of eucalyptus-filled rainforests, natural pools, and even fiery deserts. Your expeditions will not be in vain as they will allow you to get your hands on precious resources in order to improve your city.

In the game you will need the Stone Grinder, a valuable item used to extract minerals from boulders and other big rocks in the game. You can also use it to turn unwanted rocks into cement, the resource you’ll need to build residences.

How to Get a Stone Grinder in Dinkum

  • You must complete the “Convince John to Stay” quest to help John set up a permanent shop.
  • Buy Mining license from Fletch: Level 1 Mining License = 250 Permit Points. Once you get the Mining License, you can buy a pickaxe for 1200 Dinks to start your mining journey.
  • Buy the Stone Grinder for 10 000 Dinks.

How to use Stone Grinder in Dinkum

Place your Stone grinder at a convenient location, for example in an open space around your house. Now, put rocks inside the grinder to get valuable materials and cement.

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