Where to find All Music Sheets [Locations] – Stray

During your adventure in Stray, you will have the opportunity to visit several open levels. The first of these will be the area called The Slums, which you will visit twice, and which has many items to collect. Among these objects, there are the Music Sheets, which can only be collected at this level. Once you have collected them all, you can take them to the NPC named Morusque, which is located near the central square of the neighborhood. Here is where you can find all the Music Sheets in Stray:

All Music Sheets Locations – Stray (The Slums)?

Below you will find the location of each Music Sheet, knowing that some of them sometimes require to advance in the story to have access to certain places. Finding all these Music Sheets will unlock the “Meowlody” trophy.

  • Meowlody “Silver trophy”: Bring all the music sheets to Morusque.

Sheet Music 1/8

Location: Momo’s house – Go under the door that leads to a dark room. Climb the boxes to find it.

Sheet Music 2/8

Location: You’ll find it on a table, via a balcony a little bit a height near the Slum bar.

Sheet Music 3/8

Location: Scratch at Elliot’s door. You will find the sheet on the board at the entrance.

Sheet Music 4/8

Location: Exchange for 1 Energy Drink Can in the marketplace. To find one, simply go in front of Morusque and scratch the dispenser to drop a can.

Sheet Music 5/8

Location: Set on one of the tables near the pool table, upstairs in the Slums bar.

Sheet Music 6/8

Location: When leaving Momo’s, just go straight away from the Slums to see an apartment, accessible via a pipe. The music sheet is near the bed, on a shelf.

Sheet Music 7/8

Location: This is the apartment on the right as you leave Momo’s. The music sheet is on the piano.

Sheet Music 8/8

Location: Reach the dead end after passing the musician. There is a safe. Inside is the music sheet. The code is 1283.

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