Where to find All Energy Drinks [Locations] – Stray

During your adventure in Stray, you will find many items to collect, which are often only useful for the level you are in. This is the case of the Energy Drink Cans, which are to be exchanged with the merchant to obtain two other items, namely 1 Music Sheet and 1 Memory. So here is where to find the Energy Drink Cans in Stray.

All Energy Drinks Locations – Stray (The Slums)?

Below is the location of each Energy Drink Can:

Energy Drink 1/4

Location: Simply in front of Morusque the musician, you have to scrape a dispenser to make it fall.

Energy Drink 2/4

Location: On the roofs, near the apartment with the piano, and near the place where a robot sleeps on roofs. You will find a scratch machine.

Energy Drink 3/4

Location: When you come down from Momo’s, take the alley just below his house and go to the end. You will see graffiti that is also Memory, with a vending machine to its left.

Energy Drink 4/4

Location: The location of the last Energy Drink is on the rooftops of the slums. To begin, head to the rooftops and find Heptor in the center of the slums. Follow the small wooden ramp to the left and look down to see a balcony below you. The last vending machine is on the balcony.

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