How to Get All Badges [locations] – Stray

Stray won’t let you customize the cat you control, but you can still dress it up with several badges to collect throughout the levels. Collecting them all will unlock the “Badges” trophy, but these badges are often better hidden than the Memories. So here is where and how to find all the badges in Stray.

  • Badges “Gold trophy”: Collect all badges.

Where to Find All Badges in Stray?

Music Badge

Location: Get near Morusque, in the Slums. You have to collect all the Music Sheets and present them to him.

Outsider Badge

You’ll get the Outsider Badge automatically when Seamus opens the gate for you in Chapter 6, The Slums – Part 2.

Plant Badge

Location: talk to Zbaltazar in Antvillage, we cross Malo. He asks us to recover three plants:

  • Yellow plant location: Go down through the bucket at the end of the platform to land at the Nikko restaurant. Jump on the pipe that leads to the yellow plants and collect one.
  • Purple plant location: Backtrack from the yellow plant and take a new bucket to the lower level. Drop onto the crates below and walk around until you reach the trunk of the purple plant tree. Climb the branches and pick one.
  • Red plant location: Return to the trunk and head towards the Mahjong players. Take the bucket behind them and use the barrels to make your way to the red plant tree. Pick one. Go back up to Malo, and give him the three plants. You will get the badge in return.

Cat Badge

Location: Just before the club, at the entrance to the city, a robot is talking to an inanimate store manager. Go through the counter, to the back of the store, and examine the poster. Go up the shelves to the safe and enter the code: 8542.

Police Badge

Location: In the city center, walk from the holographic statue toward the clothing store. Take the alley to the right, and start climbing over the vents. Keep climbing until you reach a very small window with bars. Enter and examine the robot on the ground to get the badge.

Neco Badge

Location: After infiltrating the factory, a worker asks you to find his keys. You’ll find them a little further on, in the first area where you have to hide from the sentinel thanks to the waste containers. You will find them in a corner of the room, after jumping on some barrels.

In the next room, activate the lever that opens a shortcut to the worker. Beware again of the two sentinels that separate you from the worker. Finally, give him the keys and he will offer you the Neco badge.

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