How To Open Shuffled Shrines Temple in Fortnite

A new Indiana Jones challenge in Fortnite asks you to “Find the secret door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines”.

Fortnite, since its release, multiplies the collaborations in order to propose skins to be recovered for the players or challenges which can be only accessible for the holders of the Battle Pass like those of Indiana Jones which were released this Wednesday, July 6.

Among the set of Indiana Jones challenges that have been added to the game, there is one that asks you to “Find the secret door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines” and so we are going to tell you the steps to follow in order to succeed in this mission:

How to Find the secret door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines?

To complete this challenge, you must go to the Temple located at Shuffled Shrines.

There, you’ll have to locate four symbols that are scattered throughout the area. Note that these symbols change for each game and for each player.

  • The first one to find is located in a kind of tower in the northeast of the area.
  • For the second symbol, you will have to go to the underground in the southwest of the area.
  • The third symbol can be spotted quite quickly as it is located in a red tent to the north of the area.
  • As for the last symbol, you just have to go to the right of the tent, then reach a torch below with the symbol right next to it.

After getting all four symbols, you need to go to the main room which is right in the center of the area, and enter the sequence from left to right in the order of the symbols you found earlier. Once the door is open, reach the back of the room avoiding all the traps in the long corridor.

We remind you that this challenge is only available for players who own the Battle Pass of Season 3 of Chapter 3.

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