Bouncing Blobby Slimes Genshin Impact, how to participate in the web event?

For a limited time, you will enjoy a “Bouncing Blobby Slimes” web event for Genshin Impact. We tell you how to participate.

Web events are regularly organized by miHoYo for Genshin Impact players to earn primo gems, but also other rewards such as EXP books, upgrade materials, and many other things.

As of this Tuesday, July 4, a new web event called “Bouncing Blobby Slimes” is available and if you’re looking to find out how to take part, you need to have an adventure Rank of 10 or higher and go to the event page.

How to Start Web Event Bouncing Blobby Slimes in Genshin Impact

If you want to collect the rewards of the web event “Bouncing Blobby Slimes” and thus participate in the event, well, you will have an adventure rank equal to or higher than 10 and go to the page dedicated to the event.

Once on the page, you need to log in to your miHoYo account either with your UID or with the Hoyoverse pass. After logging in, you will be able to enjoy the event which consists in participating in leaping adventures that require a certain amount of stamina. Each event has a score that is calculated based on your performance and can be started by clicking on the “Challenge now” button.

This stamina can be obtained by completing daily tasks in the game Genshin Impact or in connection with the game world such as visiting a specific page on the miHoYo website or sharing the event.

We remind you that this special online activity is available from July 4th to July 10th and that you will be able to obtain Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and other rewards in Blob Store.

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