How to fix (HTTP request failed) on Ankama Launcher Dofus

On Dofus, it is possible to meet the error message “HTTP request failed” when you launch the game. We indicate to you how to correct this bug.

Like all online games, Dofus players sometimes encounter problems when playing the game or trying to connect to the title. When this happens, you will have an error message displayed on the screen.

Among all the possible error codes and messages on Dofus, there is one called “HTTP request failed” which will be encountered by players when launching the Ankama Launcher or when trying to connect to the game. In order to solve it, it is necessary to check the state of Dofus servers to know if they are really online.

[Fixed] Can’t log in on Ankama Launcher (HTTP request failed)

If you want to know how to fix this bug that will be possible to encounter when trying to connect to Dofus or when launching the Ankama Launcher, well, you’ll check the status of your connection.

Try to connect via an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi and restart your router if necessary as explained by one of the community managers on the Ankama forums (source).

You can then check the status of the game servers. To know if the servers are online, you can click here.

In case the servers encounter a problem, you will have the mention Offline indicating that they are not available at the moment.

Another way to know if the servers are online is to follow the official Twitter account of Dofus which informs in real-time during maintenance or a problem currently on the game. If no information is given on these two sources and you can’t connect, you can contact Ankama support, sending a screenshot of the error and adding a copy of the “application.log” file.

To find it, you will need to follow the following path: Settings > Support > Open the logs directory > Copy the application.log file.

Finally, we remind you that this file must be sent directly in the message to the Support and not on the forums as the community manager reminded on the Ankama forums.

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