How to enter the secret Wine Bottle room – Warzone Season 4

In Fortune’s Keep, Warzone players can find wine bottles of wine. These bottles give access to a secret room in the game.

Fortune’s Keep has brought many new features to Call of Duty: Warzone. Even though it’s a classic Resurgence map, some unique elements like treasures and wine bottles make the gameplay a bit different from Rebirth Island.

The wine bottles on Fortune’s Keep allow access to a secret room on Warzone.

Warzone Wine Bottle Locations: How to access the Golden Weapons Room

Warzone wine bottles can be found all around Fortune’s Keep. To get to the secret room, players only need 2 bottles. Here are some examples of where to find them.

  • On top of a roof on a table west of Keep.
  • On the first floor of a large building northeast of Keep.

Once the bottles of wine are in hand, you must hurry to the fortress through an eastern entrance to reach the main interior. Then you have to go up until you reach a dining room. In the room, the player must then head to the east wall and the wooden shelves to replace the bottles.

The door will then open very slowly. Warzone players can then find the following items in this secret room:

  • A golden riot shield
  • $5000
  • A throwing axe melee weapon
  • A classified shotgun
  • Two legendary (orange) weapons

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