Where to find Darth Vader NPC in Fortnite Season 3

NPCs are still a part of Fortnite in Season 3 Chapter 3, and a new character has just been added to the list – Darth Vader! But where is he?

For many months, Epic Games has been in collaboration with the Star Wars license, which has allowed many skins to see the light of day in Fortnite, but also many NPCs straight from the Star Wars universe to be added as the seasons progress.

With the arrival of the 21.10 update, new features have been added to the game, including a brand new NPC! This is the famous Darth Vader, who is now part of the Fortnite map, in season 3 of chapter 3. But where to find this character in the game? We give you his location.

Where to find Darth Vader [Location] in Fortnite?

To find Darth Vader in Fortnite, you’ll have to find his landing site! His location changes with each game, but you can find him easily thanks to two clues:

  • the first one is to look at where Darth Vader’s ship lands at the beginning of the game when you are on the battle bus. You can find it in the air, like in the screenshot below:
  • If you could not attend its landing, you can still locate its location thanks to the light emitted by its camp, which you can see below:

You should find it by going to the lighted location below!

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