Naraka: Bladepoint Release Date

Want to know when Naraka Bladepoint will be available on Xbox One and Series X/S consoles? We give you the answer.

Naraka Bladepoint takes the player to the island of Morus, a dangerous territory where 60 players in the action Battle Royale. The fights take place in close or distant hand-to-hand combat depending on your fighting style and the movements are done in 3 dimensions in the open world, horizontally as well as vertically (with the possibility to climb on the elements of the scenery).

The universe of Naraka is at the same time poetic, and mysterious but also very violent because of its massive PvP fights. The game has a very Asian and even Buddhist feel and the rendering is unique among fantasy RPG games.

Naraka Bladepoint Xbox Release Date & Time

Naraka Bladepoint will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on June 23, the answer was given during the Xbox Game Showcase. This date was also communicated at the end of the trailer that was shown during this Xbox conference.

Naraka Bladepoint brings a lot of novelty to the Battle Royale genre for this year 2022. The fights are extremely dynamic and the universe has a very RPG style while having gameplay only focused on PvP battle royale. A kind of game that we really like and we can’t wait to discover.

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