How to Find Your Unique Steam ID?

The Steam ID is your unique identifier, which can be useful to play with your friends for example. But where to find it exactly?

Steam is a famous video game platform, that allows buying games but also storing them in a “library”. It also allows you to discover many different games by genre and category, but also to play online with friends.

When you create an account on Steam, an identifier or Steam ID is automatically created, allowing you to identify and make your account unique. This ID can be complicated to find when you don’t know where it is located since it is a bit hidden in the software! We explain where to find this SteamID64.

How do I locate my Steam 64 ID?

To find the Steam ID64, which you will sometimes be asked for, start by logging into Steam on the software or directly on the site. Once that’s done, you can follow the steps below:

  • Click on your account icon at the top right
  • Choose “Account Details
  • Your Steam ID is listed just below your account name

By following these steps, you should have no trouble finding this ID in Steam. You can also use the screenshot below, which shows you the exact location of the Steam ID, which also corresponds to the Steam ID 64:

This Steam ID is unique and linked to your account, it is your personal identifier! It is different for all users.

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