Fall Guys: Problem finding Match – how to fix the bug?

Fall Guys is available in Free-to-Play since Tuesday, June 21, 2022! Some players are having problems finding a game!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a game where you compete against your friends in unique arenas. Choose your character, and try to finish first to win! Beware, traps await you!

As of June 21, 2022, Fall Guys is available in Free-to-Play with a new season battle, new currencies, and crossplay functionality. However, some players did not have a good experience when the game launched in Free-to-Play as game login errors were reported. We explain how to solve this problem if you encounter it!

How do I fix the “Problem finding Match” error in Fall Guys?

Since its move to Free-to-Play, Fall Guys has been in high demand, especially since it is available on new consoles like the Nintendo Switch. With the cross-play feature, the game’s servers are experiencing high demand and like many games, players are having trouble logging in and starting a game. If you can’t find a game in Fall Guys, you can try one of the following tips, but keep in mind that the best method is to wait and keep trying.

You can also try switching game servers from the Fall Guys Option menu and select a server that is less in demand.

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