Dragon Quest X Offline gets a release date

In Japan, the release of a Dragon Quest remains an event, even when it is an offline version of an MMO that has been profitable for over ten years. In this case, we have just learned from a dedicated stream that Dragon Quest X Offline will be released on September 15 in the land of the Rising Sun, whether on PC, Switch, PS4, or PlayStation 5.

Three editions are planned to satisfy the fans of this successful MMO, even if it has never been released outside Asia. There will be a standard edition, a deluxe edition, and a super deluxe edition, with various bonuses for the first versions, such as experience and money boosts with a Genkidama included, or an armor piece. The most valuable bonus is the super deluxe edition, which will automatically include the content of the first expansion, also redesigned for the offline format, to be released in spring 2023.

According to the production team, the balance of the bosses has been redesigned from scratch for a single-player experience, especially those that await you during the first phases of the adventure. Their power will be adjusted according to the player’s progress in the story, the number of key emblems in his possession, and of course the number of companions he recruited before going to challenge them.

Unfortunately for the aficionados of the series already put off by the access conditions of the classic game (subscription + IP verification), Square Enix has not communicated the possibility of a release of the game in the West at this time. So we’ll have to rely on shamanism or a possible Nintendo Direct for a localization that seems quite hypothetical for the moment.

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