How To Beat Blood Rose in Diablo Immortal?

Welcome to the Blood Rose guide in Diablo Immortal. We explain how to defeat him!

If you are familiar with the Diablo games, you know that after leveling up your character, long farming sessions are waiting for you to get resources and improve your character and build. As such, you can face World Bosses in Diablo Immortal. Among them, you can meet the Blood Rose, a difficult boss and we tell you why!

Blood Rose Location in Diablo Immortal

Rose de Sang is located in the Dark Wood area. You will find its exact location on the map below:

How to Beat Blood Rose in Diablo Immortal

The Blood Rose is a world boss in Diablo Immortal in the “Dark Wood” area and according to some players, this boss is almost impossible to defeat. Players are asking Blizzard for a nerf, or an adjustment to this boss that has way too many hit points, about 13 million. However, he doesn’t do much damage, so it’s a stamina race that awaits you.

  • Phase 1
    • Laser Attack: you must move inward to dodge this attack easily.
    • Thorn ground attack: get out of its area to dodge it
    • Projectile attacks: they are quite slow, you just have to move to dodge them.
  • Phase 2
    • Ground attack: once a circle forming get out of it to dodge it
    • it will use the moves from its first phase
  • Phase 3
    • Life steal circle: you must not enter the circle: Any player who enters the circle will have his life stolen.
    • it will use all of its attacks

Please note: When the second life bar drops, the boss will occasionally make a melee attack. If a player is hit, the boss will recover a large number of health points.

One solution to beat Blood Rose is to fight it solo, but this can take a long time:

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