Chasmic Maze Genshin Impact 2.7: How to complete the quest?

Welcome to the guide to the new quest “Chasmic Maze” in Genshin Impact 2.7: discover the steps to complete it quickly.

Genshin Impact has just launched the 2.7 update this Wednesday, June 1st, and has added new missions, one of which is called “Chasmic Maze” in the Chasm region.

How to unlock and complete “Chasmic Maze” quest in Genshin Impact?

To unlock this quest, you’ll have to first finish the first mission called The unexpected guest. Once you have this quest, you will have to enter the Domain in front of you and explore it in order to get out. It should be noted that during your exploration, you will have to face various enemies.

To help you solve the different puzzles of this Domain, we invite you to watch the video below:

After finishing the exploration and coming out of the Domain, you will start a cinematic which are dialogues with the different characters present. At the end of the discussions, you will end the quest Chasmic Maze and get the different rewards, as well as a new quest to complete, namely Danger All Around.

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