Alola to Alola Pokemon GO: How to Complete Collection Challenge

Here are all the Pokemon you need to capture to complete the Alola tot Alola Collection Challenge to earn valuable rewards on Pokemon GO.

The final event of the Season on Pokémon GO is underway: called Alola to Alola, it allows you to capture Pokemon from the seventh generation and complete a special Collection Challenge. To find it, click on the binoculars at the bottom right of your screen and then swipe right to land on the “today” tab. You’ll then see the Collector’s Challenge to complete in one short week.

Alola to Alola Collection Challenge

To complete this Challenge, all you have to do is capture the Pokémon shown in the images. Note, however, that most of them are evolutionary stages (red symbol) and that you will have to evolve basic Pokémon to obtain them. Once a Pokémon is obtained or evolved, an orange “check” marker will be added to its image.

When the Collection Challenge is complete, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 15000 XP
  • 15 Ultra Balls
  • Rockruff encounter

The list of Pokémon to complete “Alola to Alola Collection Challenge”

To help you in your quest, here are the Pokémon you need to complete the Alola Challenge. Don’t hesitate to use Pinap Berries when you capture the basic Pokémon to make them evolve faster.

  • Gumshoos: Evolve a Yungoos with 50 Candy
  • Trumbeak: Evolve a Pikipek with 25 Candy
  • Dartrix: Evolve a Rowlet with 25 Candy
  • Torracat: Evolve a Litten with 25 Candy
  • Brionne: Evolve a Popplio with 25 Candy
  • Cubone: Appearing in the wild
  • Alolan Rattata: Appearing in the wild & in 1-Star Raids
  • Toucannon: Evolve a Trumbeak with 100 Candy

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