Stamina Dislyte: how to get it easily?

Stamina is one of the most important things about Dislyte – without it you simply can’t play. In this guide, we explain how to get stamina fast!

What prompted us to write this guide is the “Too cool puzzle!” event, as it requires players to spend 400 stamina daily to complete a line of the puzzle and receive the enticing rewards it offers. A free-to-play player cannot get as much stamina with the recharged stamina points. Therefore, we have made a guide for you to earn maximum stamina points daily. Below, you can find all our tips so that you can build up your stamina without too much effort!

Friendship Shop

In exchange for friendship points, you will be able to buy 60 stamina points daily. Therefore, remember to add to your friends list to receive friendship points and don’t forget to collect your points in the Friend Help menu. Even if you have spent your points on other items in the store, you will be able to collect 30 stamina points daily.


There are many Bounties that allow you to get more stamina. Between 60 and 120 stamina points, most of the missions are very easy to do and don’t require much time. In one day you can get at least 120 stamina points. The bonus missions require you to kill specific enemies that you can meet in the story mode.

Daily quests

Every day, Dislyte offers players the chance to complete daily quests. When you reach the third reward level (60 quest points), you will receive an Stamina supply pack as a reward. Therefore, remember to complete your missions and prioritize the missions that require the least amount of stamina:

  • Complete any story stage (20 points)
  • Win any battle in point war (20 points)
  • Successfully enhance Relics 1 time(s) (20 points)

By doing the above missions on a daily basis, you will be able to get 60 stamina points by spending less than 5 stamina points. Also, by completing all of the daily quests, you will fill up your Erebium Pass gauge and occasionally this Pass will give you free stamina supply packs.


Daily, the Plaza offers to collect a daily gift for free. This gift instantly gives 60 stamina and 6,000 gold coins (the daily gift is available every day from 02:00 am, time of reboot of the game).


Many events offer players the opportunity to earn stamina points.


When you redeem Dislyte codes, there is a chance that you will gain stamina.


Every week, club members can earn rewards as they complete missions. Among the rewards are 2 stamina supply packs that will give you 60 stamina points and a reduction in rest time between adventures. Therefore, if you are not yet a member of a club, join one, because every week you can collect 120 stamina points for free.

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