How to revive & resurrect teammates in Evil Dead: The Game

If you want to know how to heal and restore your own health, revive your team members and resurrect a player’s soul after death in Evil Dead The Game, we explain everything in this article

Evil Dead The Game is a game about survival, so here’s everything you need to know about how to heal yourself, revive your teammates, and how to resurrect a player’s soul if they die.

How to Heal your Health in Evil Dead The Game?

Like most games, you must collect healing items and consume them to restore your Health: In Evil Dead The Game, you must collect Shemp’s Cola while exploring the game and press the Up on the controller’s d-pad to consume it.

  • Shemp’s Cola locations: can be found randomly while navigating the game.
  • How to pick Shemp’s Cola? Use the Triangle/Y button on your controller

However, you can only carry a limited supply. Make sure you always have some, as they will always be useful.

How to Revive Teammates in Evil Dead The Game?

To reanimate a member of your team, you must approach him and click the interaction button.

You have to choose the moment to reanimate your teammate: You may be in danger if your downed friend is surrounded by enemies.

How to Resurrect Teammate in Evil Dead The Game?

To revive a dead team member in Evil Dead The Game, you have to carry their soul to the altar

  • To retrieve your teammate’s soul: Press Triangle/Y.
  • To get to the altar: Follow the icon that appears.
  • To resurrect the teammate: Hold down the Triangle/Y. After a short animation, the player will be successfully resurrected and can continue playing.

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