How to unlock and complete Ratik Lost Ark?

During your journey in Lost Ark, you will complete many quests and Tasks of Una. One of them, in Rohendel, is called Ratik and marks the beginning of access to the second Awakening Skill. We help you understand how to obtain and complete this quest.

After reaching level 50 in Lost Ark, one of your core activities will be to complete the World Quests on each continent at the beginning of your progression to obtain your second Awakening Skill. On the last of these continents, Rohendel, you’ll eventually find a quest called Ratik, which we’ll explain how to obtain and complete.

How to unlock Ratik quest?

To obtain the Ratik quest, you must have completed several prerequisites:

  • Be level 50
  • Have reached an item level of at least 460
  • Have obtained your first Awakening Skill
  • Completed the Rohendel World Quests

How to complete Ratik quest?

Ratik Objective

– Talk to Inanna in Sunkeep
Play the Song of Trixion
– Entrust Beatrice with the Ark
– Talk to Azena in Sunkeep
– Listen to Azena’s promise by the window in Sunkeep

Ratik Rewards

  • 103k XP
  • 1508 Roster XP
  • 40 Destruction Stone Fragment (Bound)
  • 70 – Guardian Stone Fragment (Bound)
  • 8 Harmony Leapstone (Bound)
  • 218 Silver
  • 197 Harmony Shard

How to get second Awakening Skills Lost Ark?

In order to access your second Awakening skill, you must have completed all of the World Quests in the early continents. Upon completion of each of the quests below, you will unlock access to the quest [Awakening] Mysterious letter, which will require intense effort and long progression before finally accessing, usually, the more powerful of the two Awakening Skills.

Ratik is the ultimate quest leading to this sequel. Once completed, you will get [Awakening] Mysterious letter (the longest quest sequence in Lost Ark) in your Mailbox.

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