Where to Find Flame Grant me Strength – Elden Ring?

Flame Grant me Strength is an incantation that gives a physical and fire damage bonus. The following guide will show you how to get Flame Grant me Strength in Elden Ring.

You never run out of hidden items and spells in Elden Ring, even if you replay the game several times, you always feel like you’re discovering something new. This time it’s another popular buff spell used by many builds. Flame Grant me Strength is one of the spells, which we have listed among the best spells. Its relatively low Faith requirement makes it the spell of choice for any build that deals physical or fire damage (and especially both).

Flame Grant me Strength Location

Go southwest of Caelid, to Fort Gael. Many soldiers and wagons defend the entrance to the fort. But you don’t have to go in to find the spell, you have to go around to the left to get to an area behind the fort where several Flame Chariots are parked. Flame Grant me Strength is on a corpse between 2 chariots.

Flame, Grant Me Strength

Superior incantation of the fire Monks.

Creates an invigorating fire within that enhances physical and fire-affinity attack power.

This incantation does not burn the caster, and so it is considered forbidden by the guardians of the Flame.

How to Use Flame, Grant Me Strength in Elden Ring

In order to cast the incantation, players will have to spend 15 faith points alongside 28 FPs for a two-second cast window. The spell gives a 20% boost to physical and fire attacks in PVE while giving a 15% boost to the same in PVP.

Flame, Grant Me Strength costs 16 points of stamina and lasts for 30 seconds.

Flame, Grant Me Strength stacked with Golden Vow will grant 35% more physical attack power for thirty seconds. It cannot be stacked with Bloodboil Aromatic, Ironjar Aromatic, Drangonbolt Blessing, Vyke’s Drangonbolt, and Black Flame’s Protection.

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