How To Play Co-Op In Genshin Impact With Friends

Want to join other players in Genshin Impact? You’ll have to play a little to unlock the multiplayer mode. Cooperation works for all PS5, PS4, PC, iOS and Android platforms.

Genshin Impact is now available on some platforms and miHoYo’s game offers co-op content, but you’ll have to wait before playing with your friends or other players since it won’t be possible to do so from the start of the game. Here are the different steps to get there.

How to unlock the multiplayer mode In Genshin Impact?

First, follow the story so you can wander around more freely and have access to more areas. Your first goal is to raise your adventurer Rank to 16. This will not be easy as it will take time. Even if you optimize your routes and farming, this phase can take you between 4 and 5 hours of play.

Once you reach Rank 16, a Co-op system will be immediately unlocked and you will be able to join your friends to travel the world with them.

Multiplayer Co-Op Mode Basic Information

  • Unlocks at Adventure Rank 16
  • Can Co-Op with up to Four players at a time
  • Crossplay for all platforms is possible
  • Can only join similar or lower world levels
  • Limited to Host player’s Server Region
  • Has a chat function with character stickers
  • Add friends inside or outside of Co-op

Multiplayer Co-Op Mode Features

  • Explore Teyvat with friends
    • Only the Host can continue the story
    • Only the Host can open treasure chests
    • Only the Host can interact with most NPCs
    • Only the Host can start Domains and challenges
  • Participate in certain events together
  • Complete Daily Commissions together
  • Visit and buy from each other’s Serenitea Pot.
  • No PvP, only Friendly play allowed.

Benefits of Multiplayer Co-Op

  • Help clear tough Domains and Challenges
  • Farm items and Local Specialties
  • Explore the world and help with puzzles
  • Have fun playing together

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