How to fix Error 502 Minecraft [2022]

When installing Minecraft or after an update, it will sometimes happen that you receive the message “An Error occurred 502”. We explain how to fix this bug.

As with all online games, players may encounter bugs and will usually have a message displayed on-screen to warn them that a problem has occurred.

Error 502 “502 Bad Gateway” is due to a problem with servers that are overloaded.

How to fix Error 502 Minecraft?

There is no effective and definitive solution to solve it. In case you encounter this message, you can do the following actions to try to correct your problem:

  • Refresh your internet browser
  • Restart your modem or internet box
  • Restart your platform (PC, iOS mobile, Playstation, or Xbox)
  • Try to use a VPN

Advanced solutions

  • Close Conflicting Program
  • Update / Reinstall Conflicting Program
  • Update your Virus protection program or download
  • Install the latest Windows Update
  • Re-install Runtime Libraries
  • Run Disk Cleanup
  • Reinstall Your Graphics Driver
  • IE related Runtime Error

Classic Minecraft Error 502 Problems

  • “An error occurred (502).”
  • “Minecraft Error 502 Software Error.”
  • “Sorry, Minecraft Error 502 encountered a problem.”
  • “Win32 Software Error: Minecraft Error 502”
  • “Can’t locate Minecraft Error 502”
  • “Problem starting application: Minecraft Error 502.”
  • “Minecraft Error 502 can’t be found.”
  • “Minecraft Error 502 not working.”
  • “Faulting Application Path: Minecraft Error 502.”
  • “Minecraft Error 502 halted.”

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