Elden Ring: ‘Let Me Solo Her’ Summon Explained

FromSoftware’s new game has some tough bosses, especially Malenia, The Blade of Miquella, and many players block on it. But a modern-day hero “Let Me Solo Her”, naked with a pot on his head and two katanas in his hands offers to kill her for you, without getting hit.

In just a few days, the character named “Let me solo her” (LMSH) has become a true legend on Elden Ring, and from legend, he has quickly become a meme. In the dark world of the Inland, which is full of demigods, monsters, and champions of questionable morality, he is considered the true hero to emulate, as he comes to the rescue of players in distress in a spectacular way.

“Let Me Solo Her” Explained

For the past few weeks, players have reported noticing a player summoning mark with an unusual name in front of the Malenia portal: “Let me solo her“, a name that has the advantage of sending a clear message in the absence of written or voice chat in Elden Ring. Once summoned, this player turns out to be almost naked, as a pot-shaped helmet is his only piece of armor. When the host of the game starts the fight against the most difficult boss in the game, Malenia, all he has to do is stay at a distance from the other summoned player.

Various testimonials and videos of LMSH’s similar exploits proliferated, and it eventually became famous within the community. The concept may seem a bit strange, but it has actually been very familiar within the FromSoftware gaming community for a long time.

Of course, with the popularity of LMSH, many copycats and imitators have appeared. Some are more talented than others, but it is not an easy performance to imitate. Since the names of the characters are not unique in Elden Ring, there is nothing to stop them from using exactly the same name as the original, which makes it impossible to distinguish between the original and the copies.

Here is a video that shows it in action, and here’s the Reddit post by the player

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