How To Get To Yudia in Lost Ark?

Yudia is one of the main places in Lost Ark who’s players can enter to earn several rewards. Find out how to get to the Yudia continent by reading the instructions below:

How do you get to Yudia continent in Lost Ark?

To get to Yudia you must:

  • Complete the Adventurer’s Tome of Rethramis.
  • Collect all the Mokoko Seeds in the Rethramis continent.
  • Have at least +50 kindness virtues for the report quests.
  • Go to the northernmost border of Rethramis.

On arrival, you will find the portal that will teleport you to Yudia continent.

Yudia Areas

The Yudia continent has two main areas:

  • Saland Hill
  • Ozhorn Hill

Yudia Quests

The Yudia continent has 47 quests to complete:

  • A Meeting of the Nomads
  • Abandoned Food
  • Another Monument
  • Antidote Research
  • Aregal Salt Plains
  • Armen and the Demon
  • Armen’s Whereabouts
  • Bandit Road
  • Burnt Encampment
  • Cherish Your Books
  • Cut a Path for Me
  • Deliver My News
  • Demon Raid
  • Destroy the Bandits’ Supplies
  • Eliminating the Bandits
  • Finding the Monument
  • Finding Their Lost Bags
  • First Things First
  • Foxfire
  • Fresh Meat Delivery
  • How to Ruin the Bandits
  • Keen Sword
  • Looking for the Nomads
  • Lost Research Journal
  • Means of Livelihood
  • Missing Warriors
  • Morai Ruins
  • Occupied Saltern
  • Ominous Energy
  • Preparing the Rain
  • Raid and Rescue
  • Relic Collection
  • Salt Works
  • Sharp as Needles
  • Soothsayer’s Needs
  • Source of Demons
  • Staring into Space
  • Stocking Up Supplies for the Caravan
  • Stolen Food
  • Subjugate the Bandits
  • Supplies for His Survival
  • The Last Monument
  • The Nomads’ Meeting
  • The Sword Seal
  • Things the Nomads Have Lost
  • To Luterra!
  • To Morai

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