How To Find The Bunker Code For COD Warzone’s Rebirth Island

With Rebirth Island Reinforced new bunkers have appeared in Resurgence on Warzone. Here we tell you how to find the code.

Although Rebirth Island is much smaller than Caldera and Verdansk, Call of Duty: Warzone’s Resurgence mode map has its secrets. Like Verdansk, Rebirth Island Reinforced has bunkers that require a code.

Players must first search Rebirth Island Prison and find 6 remotes to unlock the code to the bunkers in Resurgence on Warzone.

What is the code for the bunker in Warzone resurgence?

While discovering Rebirth Island Reinforced, Warzone players could notice the presence of bunkers with yellow doors. As in Verdansk, these doors require a code to be unlocked. Inside: many crates with more than interesting loot. Here are the steps to follow to find the code of the bunkers.

  • Go to the prison on Rebirth Island.
  • Search all the cells for 6 remote controls and interact with them.
  • Go to the second floor of the prison, there are 6 TV remotes with a telephone in the center. Once the 6 TV remotes are turned on the phone rings. You have to interact with it.
  • A voice on the phone will dictate a total of 6 numbers, this is the access code. It is better to activate the subtitles for this sequence. Be careful, all players can hear the code.

To see more clearly how to perform these steps on Warzone feel free to watch the video below:

As indicated by MrDalekJD it is advised to follow a precise route to search the cells in order not to check the same one twice.

How to open Warzone Golden Vaults: Rebirth Island locations

Once you have the code in your pocket, you have to go to one of the 3 bunkers indicated below (Stronghold, Nova 6 Factory, and the docks near the Bioweapon Lab).

Remember that the remote control locations and the bunker access code change with each game.

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