‘Red Dead Redemption’ screenshot artist named Virtual Photographer of the Year

The American West as it is represented in Red Dead Redemption 2 never ceases to amaze. And the proof: a photo taken in the game has just won an award from the London Games Festival.

© Joe Meizies

The event, which ended yesterday, Sunday, April 10, allowed players from all walks of life to submit a photo taken in their favorite game. Retouching was optional but allowed by the jury, composed of members of The Fourth Focus, a website specialized in virtual photography.

The competing pictures were exhibited during the week in Trafalgar Square, London.

In particular, it’s a certain Joe Meizies who takes the prize, with a photo – visible at the top of this article – representing the silhouette of the hero Arthur Morgan on horseback, facing a mesa-evoking Monument Valley.

A very simple photograph, which allows its owner to leave with a state-of-the-art Razer Blade laptop.

All the photographs that were submitted for the contest can be viewed here (Google Drive link). Which one is your favorite?

Source: NME

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