PS3 & Vita Digital Games Reportedly Becoming Unplayable & Expiring

Some PS Vita and PS3 players seem to have a hard time launching games downloaded from the PS Store…

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Bad surprise for some PS3 and PS Vita players, who are unable to launch “Classics” games downloaded from the PS Store. This concerns in particular Chrono Cross (whose remake The Radical Dreamers Edition is available recently), but also Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VI.

If you look closely, the games in question had an expiration date of December 31… 1969. This is the case of Chrono Cross, which is now unplayable. Note that the problem seems to concern games that have been recently downloaded, and not those that have been installed for a long time on a Sony console.

Soon, other users reported similar issues with other games such as Rune Factory Oceans, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, or Gex: Enter the Gecko. Sony has not yet reacted to this problem, but Kotaku believes that it could be due to a bug affecting the PS Vita and PS3, which would tend to bring the expiration dates of game licenses to Unix time. To be continued.

Source: The Verge

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