Kingdom Hearts 4 is officially announced, with an accompanying trailer

It was a little unnoticed but it is indeed this weekend that Square Enix broadcast an event to celebrate the 20 years of the Kingdom Hearts saga. And the Japanese publisher clearly did not make fun of its community!

© Square Enix

This kind of small conference was broadcasted on YouTube (see below) this Sunday, April 10. First, Square Enix unveiled a new mobile game called Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link. This title is planned for iOS and Android devices. A closed beta will be held in 2022.

But the main part of this event was mainly dedicated to Kingdom Hearts IV. Yes, the fourth opus was made official this weekend through a long trailer. We can see Sora walking through a very realistic city located in a world called Quadratum.

Our hero will use this new environment to confront his enemies with the help of cars for example. Of course, the Disney characters Donald and Goofy are also present.

We don’t know more at the moment. Square Enix has not given a release date and the list of media that will receive Kingdom Hearts IV is not known either. So we’ll have to be patient.

Source: Square Enix

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