Shenmue 4 might have just been teased, barely two years after Shenmue 3

Despite the crazy expectations of the community, we have to admit that Shenmue 3 didn’t keep all its promises. However, a fourth opus could well be released in the near future.

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It was after 18 long years of absence that Ryo Hazuki made his big return in Shenmue 3 in November 2019. Unfortunately, the game had received a mixed reception because of its aging mechanics and its stagnant story. Thus, fans of the license imagined by Yu Suzuki are hoping for an announcement of Shenmue 4 even if the viability of the project remains uncertain to date.

The rumor starts with a reply posted on the Instagram account of 110 Industries. This company which gathers about 150 video game professionals around the world is currently working on a game called Wanted: Dead. And it was under a post about this title that a user suggested 110 Industries partner with Yu Suzuki in order to give birth to Shenmue 4. The company replied with the following sentence: “Guess why Suzuki had made an appearance during their TGS presentation“.

So, 110 Industries seems to imply that the Japanese creator came to talk to them about Shenmue 4 during the last Tokyo Game Show. Of course, it could be a clumsy answer or a simple joke. Recently, Cedric Biscay, the producer of the third opus, explained that several publishers had been approached to develop a sequel. We don’t know if these discussions were fruitful.

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