Rogue Legacy 2 leaves early access later this month

In early access for more than two years, the promising sequel to Cellar Door Games’ excellent roguelike finally reveals a release date on PC in a colorful trailer.

© Cellar Door Games

So get your colorful genealogical lineage ready to die over and over again in twisted procedural dungeons this month on Steam or Epic Games Store!

Seven years after the excellent Rogue Legacy (currently available on the Epic Games Store), Cellar Door Games has decided to offer a sequel in early access. A commendable decision, but it didn’t necessarily get good press when it was released in this format.

At the beginning of its early access, Rogue Legacy 2 was clearly lacking in finishing. The independent studio, therefore, took its time to develop a sequel worthy of its illustrious heir. This one indeed takes up the idea of controlling different descendants of the same lineage in order to restore the ancestral fief to its former glory.

To do this, you’ll have to stake the lives of each generation, represented by different classes with each one zanier than the next, in order to accumulate gold and, in the end, cleanse the family estate of all evil forms (not without difficulty, you’ll understand).

After two years of development, Cellar Door Games considers itself ready to release Rogue Legacy 2 from its early access period. Let’s meet on April 28 on PC to see if this long wait was worth it! Unfortunately, there is no question of a console version yet. Maybe after one or two generations.

Source: Steam

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