Gran Turismo 7 Latest Update Seeks to Fix Launch Issues

After several setbacks in the last few days, Gran Turismo 7 is getting a fresh start with a major update. This one comes to correct a multitude of imperfections.

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Polyphony Digital has not been spared from criticism since the launch of Gran Turismo 7 last March. Indeed, a faulty update had prevented players from accessing a good part of the racing game, and the microtransaction-rich business model was also pointed out. As a result, the average rating given by users on Metacritic is historically low for a PlayStation exclusive.

Starting today, Gran Turismo 7 owners can download the 1.11 patch. It brings several changes, starting with the increased amount of Credits earned by completing races in many of the available modes (Arcade, Sport, Custom Race…). This should make it easier to buy new cars. In addition, players can now store up to 100 million credits in their wallets. In terms of new content, there are one-hour endurance races as well as a larger number of cars offered by dealers.

Finally, there are improvements to vehicle physics (especially after a jump), improvements to smoke effects, three new cursor movement features in the menu, and optimization of the title screen. The complete list of changes brought by this 1.11 update is available at this address.

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