Overwatch 2 hero leak potentially reveals Junker Queen abilities and ultimate

With the Overwatch 2 beta fast approaching, one of the new heroes set to arrive on this sequel to Blizzard’s hit FPS and its abilities have been leaked.

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A leak that was shared by Felix “Féfé” Münch, a prominent former French Overwatch League coach, and then further detailed on Reddit. The hero in question, already known to fans from near and far, is none other than Junker Queen!

Those of you keeping up with Overwatch news already knew that Junkrat and Chopper’s faction, the Junker Queen, would be making her debut in the second game. What remained to be seen, and by far the most interesting was her abilities.

Thanks to a leak shared by Féfé, we have a potential first glimpse of them. However, the person concerned said that the leak had not yet been confirmed and was, therefore, to be taken with some caution.

Many of the Junker Queen’s abilities would revolve around bleeding and hand-to-hand combat. So the ruthless fighter could logically fit into the Tank category. Her passive ability fits in with this, as the bleeding damage she inflicts could heal her.

His main shot would be a shotgun blast at close range, and his hand-to-hand attack with a serrated blade that makes enemies bleed can be converted into a projectile. If this hits a target, the blade returns with the affected enemy attached, similar to Chopper’s hook.

Her first ability would be, in her capacity as Queen, a “Rallying Call” that increases her health and to a lesser extent that of nearby allies. Her second ability would be “Carnage“, which deals damage in an arc in front of her, as well as bleeding.

Finally, her ultimate ability would be called “Rampage“. Junker Queen would charge straight ahead and inflict both bleeding and anti-healing on enemies hit by the charge.

While this leak may be denied by Blizzard, these abilities would ideally reflect the character of the Junker Queen. We’ll have to wait and see, though, as she won’t be available at the beta launch on April 26.

Source: Reddit

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