Lost Ark Getting a New Continent, Classes, And Raids in April and May

The western version of the successful hack’n’slash MMO Lost Ark will continue to receive its share of new content over the next two months.

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In a blog post, Smilegate and Amazon shared the roadmap of upcoming elements, including a new continent and two new classes.

At the beginning of March, the Smilegate teams visited Amazon Games to prepare the ground for the upcoming Western version. The goal is that this one will gradually catch up with the eastern version released several years ago.

In this sense, the adventurers of the Lost Ark will be able to visit a new continent in April: South Vern. If they feel like it, they will also be able to try out a new class: Glaivier, an exclusively female subclass of the Martial Artists, who wields spears and glaive with amazing agility.

In May, a second new class will be released: the Destroyer, a subclass of the Warriors, exclusively male, who, as its name suggests, wields a colossal hammer to destroy everything in his path.

But Amazon and Smilegate are far from having emptied their bags for the next two months. Updates for some quality of life type changes are on the agenda. In May, endgame fans will also be pleased to know that a wave of new raids will be released.

Beyond May, the roadmap is not yet clear, but no doubt the Western version of Lost Ark will continue to receive regular updates. And maybe one day there will be a console version.

Source: Play Lost Ark

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