Forspoken Impresses in 10 Minutes of PS5 Gameplay

While waiting for the release of Forspoken on PC and PS5, our colleagues at Game Informer had the chance to present an exclusive gameplay video, in 4K.

© Luminous Productions / Square Enix

The opportunity to see the action-RPG published by Square Enix in action and the fighter Frey Holland unleash her powers in explosive action sequences that flatter the retina. Especially thanks to the use of the latest technologies such as the promising FSR 2.0 from AMD.

In this long gameplay sequence of about ten minutes, Game Informer has surrounded itself with some people close to the project to show us more. We discover new environments, and especially numerous action phases made spectacular by a rain of devastating spells.

Shot on PS5 in 4K, this video shows us the capabilities of Sony’s new generation console to display this graphically shimmering world and special effects that properly take off the retina. But also somewhere the framerate, which knows severe drops when the main character launches very powerful spells.

Notwithstanding the power deferment orchestrated by Frey, we can see how, with the controller in hand, the game unfolds all its salt. In addition to the Dantean battles, Forspoken puts a certain emphasis on parkour and verticality. The gameplay of Luminous Productions’ title is particularly promising and exciting in this respect!

It remains to be seen if the universe, the scenario and the artistic direction will be of the same quality. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a little longer for that. Forspoken has been recently postponed to October 11, 2022.

Source: Game Informer

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