World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Expansion Leaks on Blizzard Website

With Blizzard set to present its plans for the future of its behemoth MMO in the near future, the U.S. giant’s website has reportedly spilled the beans earlier than expected.

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A small blunder was spotted by Wowhead, a site specializing in all things World of Warcraft, two weeks before the planned announcement by Blizzard.

More precisely, it is the source code of the official Blizzard website that would be at the origin of the leak. Curious users would have discovered in the product identifiers the following word: “Dragonflight“.

This word has been spotted in three forms: basic, epic, and heroic. This could correspond to the different versions that Blizzard offers for each World of Warcraft expansion. Each one of course includes the expansion as well as its share of additional goodies for the epic and heroic forms.

While some Wowhead users thought this was an April Fool’s joke, others tend to think the information is genuine. In the World of Warcraft universe, a draconic flight is the family of one of the five draconic Aspects represented by the colors red, gold, green, blue, and black.

The last time dragons appeared in World of Warcraft was in Cataclysm, with the once Aspect of the Earth, Neltharion, as the main antagonist. Driven mad by the Old Gods, he became Deathwing and ravaged Azeroth, only to be stopped by heroes of the Horde and Alliance, with the help of the other draconic flights.

So Blizzard may be planning to bring dragons back into the game. See you on April 19 to find out.

Source: Wowhead

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