Sony ‘Could Be Working’ On Proper PS3 Emulation For PS5, Claims Jeff Grubb

Last week, Sony lifted the veil on its “new” service, the one that was recently called “Project Spartacus”. A subscription service that will keep the name “PlayStation Plus” and will absorb PlayStation Now. But while the Japanese company had announced that PS3 games could only be played in streaming, this could finally change…

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PlayStation Plus subscribers who have opted for the “Premium” package will be able to access several hundred older generation titles from the PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, and PSP game libraries. And while it will be possible to stream and/or download games from most consoles, the PlayStation 3 will be the only one not to receive the same treatment.

Indeed, even if a selection of the PS3 catalog will be playable in streaming on PS5, via the PlayStation Plus subscription, the games won’t be able to be directly downloaded on the new generation console, unlike the game libraries of Sony’s other platforms. But according to the declarations of the journalist Jeff Grubb, finding a solution to emulate PS3 games directly from the PS5 would be currently under consideration within the PlayStation teams.

While the journalist specified that PS3 titles could in the future benefit from the same treatment as games on other consoles, according to his sources, this could take some time. If no details were communicated about the reasons for this impossibility, let’s remember that it wouldn’t be the first time that the Cell architecture of the PS3 would cause some problems.

In any case, let’s hope that Sony manages to find a solution quickly so that the PS3 can be put on the same footing as its peers.

Source: PSU

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