Nine Sols demo is already available on Steam

In the unfathomable jungle of side-scrolling action games, some titles stand out, and sometimes inexplicably ahead of schedule. Nine Sols, expected in mid-2023, is already generating a solid amount of anticipation.

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Imagined by the Taiwanese of Red Candle Games (Devotion, the horror game that was much talked about because it was censored), Nine Sols claims bold inspirations like Sekiro, Hollow Knight, or Katana Zero.

The Red Candle team can congratulate itself for having exploded the objective of its participative financing campaign.

The counter already shows a nice 6.78 million Taiwanese dollars (about 236,556 dollars), or 227% of the initial goal, and the campaign ends in only 34 days.

This is to say that the studio’s proposal has been able to seduce. And for good reason, the declaration of intent immediately sets the tone: “a journey of Asian fantasy inspired by Sekiro, Hollow Knight and Katana Zero.” reads the preamble.

If Nine Sols is not expected before, at best, the second quarter of 2023, a demo is already available on Steam and allows to get a first idea of the gameplay proposal, but also of the particular universe of the game.

Mixing traditions and futuristic technological elements (the studio speaks of “Taopunk“), the diegesis of Nine Sols could hold a number of surprises. And its gameplay looks to be in line with it.

Agile, our character has a variety of movements (dash, double jump, bounce…) and moves to make his way in this strange factory which is located under this village with a strong spirituality.

Like Sekiro, you’ll have to use the perfect parry to stun your opponents before delivering the fatal blow (don’t worry: there will be an easy mode).

A tasty appetizer, which allows us to add a name to next year’s release calendar.

Source: Red Candle Games

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