How to get “PlayStation Plus Premium” for half price before launch

Announced just a week ago with several forms of subscription, Sony’s new PlayStation Plus service will be available in June. Until then, we offer you a trick to get it at half price.

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Normally offered at a rate of $119.99 per year, this very high-end formula of the service is, ahead of its launch, available at half price by performing a small conversion trick. However, you’ll have to hurry, because this trick may not be valid for long!

The new PlayStation Plus formula, which aims to compete in its own way with Xbox Game Pass, will be rolled out in June and is divided into three offers:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential, nothing more or less than the current PlayStation Plus, is offered at $59.99 per year.
  • PlayStation Plus Extra, with a catalog of 400 PS4 and PS5 games for $99.99 per year.
  • PlayStation Plus Premium, which, in addition to the 400 games in the Extra, will also include 340 iconic games from previous console generations, with access to PlayStation Now for an initial price of $119.99 per year.

So the plan we’re interested in here is the most expensive one, priced at twice as much as the PlayStation Now subscription as we currently know it. But, not to let this high price deter potential buyers, Sony is currently offering a conversion to PlayStation Now subscribers to the new PlayStation Plus Premium plan.

In order to benefit from this conversion, you must be a PlayStation Now subscriber with a commitment that extends beyond the launch date of the new PlayStation Plus. So if you have a two-year subscription to PlayStation Now, you’ll get PlayStation Plus Premium until your commitment expires.

The idea is to accumulate several months of PlayStation Now subscriptions in order to pay only half price for the upcoming PlayStation Plus subscription. Here are the steps to follow to take advantage of this perfectly legal trick:

  • You need to be signed in to your PlayStation account via the PlayStation Store.
  • Once logged in, go to this link.
  • Complete your order to add an additional 12 months of subscription to your account.
  • Repeat the process to add as many years as you need to your account.

So, you can enjoy PlayStation Plus Premium at half price for as long as you want with this trick. We would like to emphasize that this offer might not be available anymore in a few days. So it’s urgent to take advantage of it while it’s active, in order to benefit from the ultimate PlayStation Plus offer to come with great savings!

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