How to clear cache on Xbox Series X/S?

Available since November 10, 2020, Microsoft’s latest consoles, namely the Xbox Series S and Series X, are continuing to make their way into the ninth generation of consoles. And if, after all these months spent playing on your machine, it starts to show some slowdowns, no need to panic! In this article, we offer you a way to find out how to clear the cache of your Xbox Series.

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Over time, the Xbox Series SSDs store a certain amount of data that can, over time, accumulate and slow down your console. That’s why we’re telling you how to fix this problem if you’re faced with it, or just to satisfy your curiosity.

How to clear the cache on an Xbox Series X?

While we wait for a possible update to simplify the maneuver, clearing the cache on Xbox Series consoles is not the most intuitive thing, as it requires going through several sub-menus. But fortunately, it’s still possible, no matter what model of Xbox Series you have. So, first of all, here are the steps to follow to clear the disk drive cache on Xbox Series X:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu
  • Go to “Devices & Connections
  • Select “Blu-ray
  • Choose “Persistent Storage
  • And finally, click on “Clear Persistent Storage“.

If you follow these instructions precisely, your Xbox Series X will work like the first day. So don’t hesitate to clean the console occasionally by clearing the drive’s cache.

How to clear the cache on an Xbox Series S?

The Xbox Series S is not equipped with a disk drive because it is entirely dematerialized. The process to clear the cache is therefore fatally different from the Series X, but is still possible. Here is what you have to do:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu
  • Go to “System“.
  • Select “Console Info
  • Click on “Reset console
  • And finally, select the option “Keep my Games and Apps“.

Obviously, this process is also applicable to Xbox Series X if you want to go directly through a reset of your console, without erasing the cache of the disk drive. Note that the maneuver remains the same for the consoles of the Xbox One family.

Anyway, you now know how to maintain your Xbox if it starts to show some slowdowns.

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