“Doom: Ray Traced” mod enables raytracing in almost 30 year old classic FPS game

Thirty years after its release, the father of FPS receives a beautiful facelift all in ray tracing, courtesy of a mod not at the initiative of id Software but the modder sultim_t.

© id Software / sultim_t

The studio had added ray tracing to its other iconic title: Quake I. But the legendary DOOM didn’t get this rejuvenation until now.

The mod in question is simply named PrBoom: Ray Traced and can be downloaded on a dedicated Github page. It will of course be necessary to have the base game, notably available on Game Pass since the Bethesda buyout.

For now, this mod can only be used on NVIDIA RTX graphics cards. Sultim_t does not plan to work on a compatible version for Radeon or Intel models. The modder reports that his creation is quite greedy. On an RTX 3090, he reported a noticeable drop in performance, from 5000 to 239 fps. However, this is not really a problem.

To install and use this mod, you just have to download and unzip the mod archive in an empty folder, then place the original DOOM.wad file in this new folder. Note that sultim_t has also developed DLSS support for its mod, which can be downloaded separately.

It is clear that the addition of ray tracing allows us to discover this FPS monument in a different light, literally. Another reason to say that DOOM is… Eternal.

Source: Github

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